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Waverunner Rentals | Jet Ski Rentals | Personal Water Craft:
At TK Watersports we take pride in offering the best in personal watercraft, waverunners, jet skis and boat rentals. You can rent on our personal watercraft with a wet suit,tube,and skis in one of our water sports packages and enjoy an unforgetable ride. All of our watercraft are 130 HP or more and are 3 seater big enough to pull a tube or wakeboarder. We maintain high standards for performance making sure you have a reliable watercraft for you Utah Outdoor Aventure.

Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI

Yamaha FX Cruisers

The FX Cruiser changed the rideing experience forever becoming the first PWC to feature the Yamaha revolutionary cruiser seat. These Waverunners have a 140 HP four stroke engine that provide all the performance needed to make touring and water play exciting. This is a great Jet Ski Rentl.

Sea Doo GTI 130

You will notice a form fitting narrow center for more comfertable riding. The seating is super padded and is comfortable for hours. There is room for three on the Sea Doo GTI and has enough get up and go to pull a tube wakeboarder or water skier

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Different rental locations & models: waverunners and jet skis are available at diffent locations in Utah, Arizona & Nevada.

Rent a Jet Ski and Play on the lakes of Utah

Is a Boat out of the budget? Rent a 4 stroke waverunner or rent a Jet Ski and pull a tube or towable, wakeboard rider, water skier, or even kneeboard behind a Sea Doo RX215, Yamaha FX Cruiser or Sea Doo GTI for only $150 to $165 per day at Utah County & Salt Lake Locations, and only $225 at Lake Powell Locations

Waverunner Rentals & Jet Ski Rentals for 2011 Season

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Yamaha FX Cruisers
Utah Waverunner / Jet Ski
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140 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI Rental $155 $900
Sea Doo GTI
Utah Waverunner / Jet Ski
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130 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo GTI Rental $155 $900
Sea Doo RXT 215
Utah Jet Ski / Waverunner
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215 3 Waver Runner Sea Doo RXT 215 Rental $180 $1080
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VIP Rentals or Charters
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Enzo SV230/240
Groups TBA TBA

Water Sports Equipment Rental | Boating Equipment Rentals

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Water Sports Equipment | Boating Equipment Rentals Daily
Large Wakeboard - Liquid Force Trip 142 w/boot Size 8-12 30.00 180.00
Small Wakeboard - Liquid Force Trip 134 w/boot Size 5-8 30.00 180.00
Womens Wakeboard - Hyperlite Syn w/CWE Tiffany boots Size 4-9 30.00 180.00
High Profile Wakeboard - Liquid Force Witness 140 w/Ultraboot Size 10-12 50.00 300.00
Knee Board - HO Neutron Kneeboard 25.00 150.00
Large Wake board - Liquid Force Trip 142 w/boot Size 8-12 30.00 180.00
Wakeskate - Anthem 42" Wakeskate 25.00 150.00
High End Wake Surfer - Phase 5 Drew Daniel Carbon Large 60.00 240.00
Wake Surfer - Venture 5'6" Wakesurf Board 30.00 150.00
All Purpose Rope - Proline Upstart Rope Package 10.00 60.00
Nice Wakeboard Rope - Proline LG Rope Package 15.00 70.00
USCG Vests - CWB Essential Vest 10.00 60.00
Kid Vests - Liquid Force Nemesis Vests (infant - Youth) 8.00 35.00
Full Body Wet Suits - Rip Curl Classic Full Suits 10.00 60.00
Water Tramploline 125.00 750.00
Connely pull tubes - Connelly Convertable with rope 25.00 150.00
Connely pull tubes - Connelly Swept Wing with rope 25.00 150.00
Connely pull tubes - Connelly Aquaglide GT6 Tube 6 riders with rope 60.00 300.00
More on Utah waverunners and jet ski opperation and regulations
Riding a personal watercraft is one of TK watersports most popular activites. Sometimes renting a boat is out of the budget and some people prefer the small water craft. A PWC or waverunner is a small vessel using an inboard engine powered by a water jet pumpo as it primary source of power. Most of the Personal water craft that we rent are rated for 3 riders and can pull a tube or wakeboarder. Did you know? PWC are subject to the same laws and requirements of any other boat plus a few laws specific to PWC.

Boat Charter
Utah waverunnner & Jet Ski safety tips

Be safe and have fun on water:

  • Read Owners Manuel or get good operating instructions
  • Wear proper safety equipment or approved PFD Life Jacket
  • Attach a whistle to your life vest to summon help or allert other boat traffic
  • Never Operate PWC without a Lanyard attached to you. It cuts engine if you fall off
  • Keep a look out for other boats stay 100 ft aways from other vessels
  • Do not opperate if you have bee drinking
  • Know the waters you operating in so you can avoid weed,sandbars Rocks etc.
  • Most States require anyone under 16 to have a boater safety certificate or be operating with someone over the age of 18

Let us provide your next safe water sport event. Please call for a free estimate!